Chris Cabe w/pipe

Hello! My name is Chris Cabe.

Let’s see… what can I say about myself? Sometimes I smoke a pipe, but only when I wax my boat. Actually, when I’m doing much of anything on my boat, I have my pipe hanging out the side of my mouth. Whether it be hoisting a jib, scrubbing the deck, sterning the bow, or porting the starboard… I’m smoking like a chimney while I’m doing it. Aside from boating activities, I don’t really care for smoking at all.

Let’s see, what else can I say about myself… Oh, I don’t own a boat.

Oh, I also have a knack for staying laser focused! I’m like a rock when it comes to focusing and staying on task… Actually, that analogy doesn’t really work… rocks aren’t particularly focused or task oriented. What I’m trying to get at is that I’m amazeballs at… at the thing… what we were talking about. That thing that is the thing that we were discussing… I’m fairly good… at… hmm… yeah… amazeballs… ha!, that’s such a goofy phrase… amazeballs…

Anyway… This is my blog. I think about stuff and post some of those thoughts here.