driving and eating

Often a Bad Decision: Driving and Eating

My wife and I recently took a weekend road trip to Seattle, WA. We were in a bit of a rush to get down there to see a play so we decided to go through a drive through and eat our meal on the road. Since I was driving and because it was raining that day I joked with my wife that I was going to order the “Neat and Tidy” burger and just see what they gave me. Pulling up to the drive-through speaker I tried to select the neatest, tidiest burger I could find…I chose the Guacamole Bacon Burger. My reasoning was that guacamole has a thicker viscosity than mustard, ketchup or Thousand Island dressing. As we left the Carl’s Jr. I was feeling pretty good about my decision.Continue reading

robot with mustache

Not my Nemesis?

So, I’m a few years past 30 and I met my nemesis the other day. I always thought it would be a machine-gun-toting dragon or a robot with a handlebar mustache and monocle. But no, my nemesis, as it turns out, is a recipe for butternut squash Ravioli found in Good Housekeeping (March 2009). Looking back on it, the dinner should have turned out fine. I’m looking down at the recipe and I’m seeing phrases like “Cheater’s guide to Ravioli”, “Active time: 30 minutes”, and “cut the prep time by more than an hour”. Hmm…I’m actually thinking about getting up and trying it again.Continue reading

Doug Laser

“Yeah, I’m pretty successful.” – Doug Laser

I had a conversation with a friend of mine several months ago about the significance of a person’s name and whether it has any bearing on how successful that person will be in life.  We came to the conclusion that if you want to become an important person like a President, Astronaut, or Marine Psychologist; you’d better have the name for it.

I think one of the coolest names to have is Doug Laser.  I mean if your name was Doug Laser (doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl), you pretty much are going to succeed in life.  You probably will become a secret agent, a doctor, or a CEO of a multinational corporation.  Basically, if you’re Doug Laser you’re not going to be homeless.Continue reading

People today are mad at many things. Maniac drivers, spaghetti sauce on a necktie, a shopping cart that doesn’t role straight…anger is a good thing if used constructively, focused on the source and devoted to removing the cause. I was looking at my Facepage the other day and noticed that a friend of mine had mentioned something about school in his status update, but he had left out the ‘h’ in school and had spelled it scool. This got me thinking. Do we really need the letter ‘h’ in our alphabet? It quite literally takes the cool out of school. Let’s throw the letter ‘h’ out of the alphabet.Continue reading


I’m about halfway through a book entitled “Fortunately” by Remy Charlip.  The book is about a young boy named Ned who embarks on a journey, and about the ups and downs he faces during his travels.  The book is chalk full of twists and turns and will have you at the edge of your seat.  I’m guessing if you do pick this one up you’ll have a really tough time putting it down.  At one point in the book Ned is surrounded by sharks and is surely done for, what happens next is…well, you just need to read the book for yourself.  “Fortunately” by Remy Charlip…two thumbs up.

spider roll

I’ve moved up to Washington from Texas and have been here for a few months now. Having left the land of Bar-B-Que I’ve developed a bit of a taste for sushi.  I’m certainly not hardcore by any means…I haven’t quite worked my way up to eating all the raw stuff yet, but I have developed a taste for more than the standard “beginners” sushi.So far I enjoy the California Rolls (I’m guessing these are the “Zinfandel” of the sushi world), the Bellingham Rolls (similar to California Rolls but have cream cheese in them), and the Halibut Tempura Roll.  I’ve also enjoyed the Spider Roll which is a sushi roll that has an entire soft shell crab stuffed inside of it.Continue reading

msnbc.com has launched a new online application to view the news. The new tool is called Spectra and provides the user with an interactive 3D way to thumb through the news provided on msnbc.com. I’ve played around with the tool a little bit and think it’s pretty cool.  I wish you could add other sites besides just msnbc, but cool none the less.  Check it out here.

I wore a neck tie three days last week and in tying my tie the other day I was considering going from the full windsor knot to the half windsor, or maybe the four in hand.  My dad taught me how to tie a tie several years ago and the knot that he taught, and that he still uses to this day is the full windsor knot, but in recent years I’ve noticed that there are several men of prominence that appear to use the half windsor knot or the four in hand.Continue reading