2012 The Movie

Several people I know have seen the preview for the upcoming movie 2012 and have said things like “That movie’s gonna be terrible”, “That’s just over the top ridiculous.”, or “That looks so lame.”; but I’m of the opinion that impending disaster movies are exciting and fun to watch and I’m kind of looking forward to this addition to the genre.  After all it’s based on actual events that are likely to happen.

To those that don’t know, the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012 and to date the Mayan calendar has never been incorrect.  It signaled events like the invention of the piano,  the Grover Cleveland mayorship of Buffalo,  and the Crystal Pepsi failure.  In fact Nostradamus declared in quatrain 89 line 3:

Thou thinkest me full of it?, cast your gaze on the Mayan clock! – Nostradamus*


Crystal Pepsi fate fortold

Upon closer examination of the date, scientists tell us that there will be all sorts of astronomical alignments.  I’m trying to recall what I heard from a documentary I saw on television awhile back about the subject.  I think it said something like Ursa Major will line up with Jupiter, the Milky Way Galaxy will be in perfect alignment with the sun, Orion will mount Taurus and begin to swing his sword, and Bonnie Tyler will again experience a “total eclipse of the heart”.  I think the show ended with an infomercial selling a 2012 disaster preparedness kit.

Mayan Calendar "page 2" discovery, "Ha, those Mayan sure gave us all a fright" - Some scientist

Mayan Calendar “page 2” discovery, “Ha, those Mayan sure gave us all a fright” – Some scientist

So news flash: disaster strikes all mankind on December 21, 2012.  The big question is, what happens on December 22, 2012?  Does the universe start contracting?  Does the earth enter a second Ice Age?  Does an archeologist discover a “second page” to the Mayan calendar?  Perhaps a deus ex machina? Enter the upcoming documentary film 2012 staring John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Amanda Peet.  I mean if the world is going to align itself with Mars, Saturn and Algol and then disintegrate on all of us why not make a blockbuster film to commemorate the event?

2012 promises to be a disaster movie of the greatest pedigree, attempting feats that other disaster movies just didn’t have the stomach for.  For instance, has anyone ever attempted to destroy Los Angeles and crumble the remains into the ocean?  I haven’t seen it.  Independence Day blew up the U.S. Bank Tower in the middle of town with a big blue laser, which was cool to watch, but was not as gutsy as the mass destruction displayed in the 2012 preview.  A few movies have destroyed the planet outright, but I don’t think I’ve seen a destructive tale presented in such vivid detail as the upcoming 2012.

I think a recent post I saw on YouTube might have said it best, stating simply:

movies gonna be epic PredatoryEagle101

The only thing I can think to add to P’s assessment is this: Few people realize that when pricked with a needle, the word “awesome” bleeds the movie 2012.

So is the movie over-the-top ridiculous? I suppose it might be, but let me ask you this: when you’re whacking at a piñata do you want to merely break a hole in the side and let the candy trickle out, or do you want to land a colossal blow and see hundreds of pieces of candy expand into the air and then fall to the ground?

*I just made this up, but the rest of this commentary is spot on.**

**Not really.