The Iron Throne

The Iron Throne

Game of Thrones: Season 7 premiers in less than a week! So much has transpired thus far and if you’re anything like I am, you’re a bit rusty as to the what’s what in the world of Westeros. So pour yourself a mead, harken close and let us regale an account of the first six seasons of this intricate tale so far! Is Winter coming this season? Is it already here? Who is Littlefinger? I’ve done the research so you don’t have to, so settle in and let’s begin.Continue reading

woman with a cup of coffeeIn the mornings at work I’ve noticed that sometimes, when someone does a particularly dumb something, they’ll often say, “I haven’t had my coffee yet” to excuse their blatant stupidity. I’m sure you too have observed this phenomenon. Phil will be changing the tank to the water cooler, slip and fall, and dump the whole thing on his crouch and say the old adage, “I haven’t had my coffee yet.” Maybe Bernice in accounting staples page two on the front of an expense report and the boss gets irritated, but then Bernice says, “Argh, I haven’t had my coffee yet!” and all is forgiven.Continue reading

This past TV season I and several million other people around the world were treated to the series finale of LOST. Rather than cramming the series with more and more mysterious, dead-end plot twists (à la X-Files, Heroes, Alias), the creators of LOST determined an end date for the series and answered a myriad of questions along the road to the finale, satiating most of LOST‘s devout followers. Yeah, creator writer producer dudes!Continue reading

Pa pa pa poker face pa pa poker face

I had the opportunity to play poker with a group of guys a few weeks ago.  Before heading to the game I did a little homework and studied up on whether a flush beats a straight or vice versa (a flush DOES beat a straight as it turns out.).  Having studied up on the rules I felt pretty good about how the night of poker would turn out.  When I arrived at the poker party that evening I discovered just how unprepared I was.Continue reading

name tagSo I was talking to a friend of mine Sunday morning after church.  I say he’s a friend of mine, but in actuality he’s more of an acquaintance seeing as how I only see him on Sundays…Actually, some Sundays I don’t see him at all.  I’m guessing maybe I see him once or twice a month.  He’s a nice guy, very friendly.  What I’m getting at is that I’ve seen and have known him for several months now, but I see him on such a limited basis that I don’t remember his name and I feel that our relationship has gone past that point where it would be “okay” for me to say to him, “I’m sorry, but I’ve forgotten your name.  Could you tell me what your name is again please.”  Ouch, right?  Awkward.Continue reading

grocery cartHave you ever been in the grocery store parking lot and watched as a customer parks a grocery cart next to their car, places the grocery bags into their car, and then proceeds to leave the cart a few feet from their car, say in the parking space right next to their vehicle?  Seeing people do this perturbs me a bit.  After putting my bags in my car I always try and place the cart in the cart return, but I’ve noticed at the grocery store I frequent the cart returns seem to be placed for the grocery workers convenience and not the convenience of the customers.  Conspiracy?  I think so, and I’m crying foul.Continue reading

My daughter has one of the most generous grandmothers.  She has really been a big help to my wife and me when we first made the move to Washington and she continues to help in any way she can.  Many times when we’re all traveling together on an outing or “eating out” she’ll offer to pay, and she will sincerely have the desire to pay when she makes the offer, but she has an uncanny ability to offer to pay and then “accidentally” find herself unable to pay.  She has been able to pull off this maneuver so frequently and in so many different ways that our response has become one of amusement and fascination.  I’m now of the mind that she is some sort of seasoned veteran of this very unique art form; a Jedi master of the “I’ll pay, oh I can’t pay!” slight of hand.  Listed below are a few of the techniques she has mastered.Continue reading

Several people I know have seen the preview for the upcoming movie 2012 and have said things like “That movie’s gonna be terrible”, “That’s just over the top ridiculous.”, or “That looks so lame.”; but I’m of the opinion that impending disaster movies are exciting and fun to watch and I’m kind of looking forward to this addition to the genre.  After all it’s based on actual events that are likely to happen.Continue reading

Canyon Ridge Trailhead Sign

Canyon Ridge Trailhead

My daughter recently received a brand new pair of hiking boots from her grandmother, so on September 25th, 2009 I decided to take her on a hiking adventure. This wasn’t our first hiking expedition. In fact, over the past several months we’ve had numerous outdoor explorations, and this particular outing would be a trial of the new boots. I thumbed through my Whatcom County hiking guide (a Christmas gift from my wife) and, based on a small black and white pic placed amongst the text, I decided on a destination called Canyon Ridge. It looked like it was pretty and we hadn’t been there before. We set out at about 10am (an early start for the two of us).Continue reading

The Mysterious Disney Vault

The Mysterious Disney Vault

As a father of a young daughter I’ve become increasingly intrigued by the Disney Vault.  Every time we’re at the store I’m always curious as to see what new movie has made it out of the mysterious vault and on to the shelves, and with all the mystery surrounding the vault, one thing is relatively certain…Song of the South will never be released on DVD.Continue reading